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To marry is a great, big adventure, every moment you go through its of value, and I’ll be there capturing every part of the wedding

Hi I’m roberto del rio

Hi, this is me! I am mexican destination wedding photographer based between Puebla and Veracruz. Im a person who likes adventure, who vibrate high and who likes to feel life intensely. I like to commit myself 100% to what I do, not only in photography but also in high-risk sports such as rock climbing, highlining and bike touring. Those kinds of experiences make you value what is really important, when you commit a 100% you simplify what matters.

I am passionate about creating together, because for me it is not just a photograph, it is about the magic that happens between the couple, the family, the moments during the day and how they weaves together.

And that is that, that what most captivates me

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